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Du vil inden for 24 timer modtage et svar og tilbud om bustransport fra os på baggrund af din forespørgsel.

Rent a 9 passenger mini bus

Do you have a small group? Then renting a small mini bus may be the right choice.

We have in the fleet 3 similar black Mercedes Benz Vito's. All of them the extra long model with a 160 hp engine, with sufficient luggage space. 

They are equipped with automatic gearbox, cruise control, AUX plug etc. Besides that, the seating layout can be changed with 3 seats vis á vis. 


Rental buses must be picked up and delivered from our business address: Nordskovvej 33, 8260 Viby J. If needed, we have free parking space available for your passenger cars during the rental period.  

Få et tilbud

Du vil inden for 24 timer modtage et svar og tilbud om bustransport fra os på baggrund af din forespørgsel.

Rental price list, 9 passenger mini bus without driver:



Price incl. VAT.

Rental per day incl. 100 km

per day

From: DKK 850,00

Weekend rental incl. 300 km

3 days

From: DKK 2.175,00

Weekly rental incl. 700 km

7 days

From: DKK 5.575,00

Vacation rental incl. 2500 km

7 days

From: DKK 7.975,00

Extra mileage

per km

DKK 2,75



DKK 2.000,00


We, unlike other rental companies, won't charge you any additional fees. You are not paying extra to get insurance, more drivers than 1 or reduced risk on the insurance etc. 

With us you get the real rental price. In our opinion that's the correctt way of doing business. 

Do you have a small group? Then renting a small mini bus may be the right choice.


Our small minibuses can carry up to 9 passengers, and are suitable for a range of purposes for companies, public authorities/institutions and private people.


Purposes like:


  • Small school trips
  • Company events
  • Small sports teams
  • Bachelor parties
  • Familiy trips/excursions


Note: These small minibuses are rentable with and without driver. It is a possibility to save some money, if you can get the driver yourself. A small minibus is considered a passenger car, so you can drive it on a regular category B license (passenger car drivers license).

The advantage is that a small minibus/passenger car follows the regular speed limits for cars.


With Østjydsk Turistbusser it is as well possible to rent a driver with the minibus. It is giving a good flexibility so everybody can enjoy the trip. The driver will make sure that you safely get to your destination and back. Our drivers in Østjydsk Turistbusser are used to drive our happy customers and do their best to provide you good service, so you get a memorable experience. Safe and reliable transport is a priority with Østjydsk Turistbusser. 
In case you want to rent a minibus without driver that is also a possibility. Maybe you have the required drivers license, and want to drive it yourself? In that case, we happily supply the bus in the agreed period. Renting a minbus is a very flexible solution for a variety of purposes. Maybe a drive-yourself holiday with your family. This way, everybody are together making the drive itself a nice way of getting to your holiday destination. 
Actually, only the imagination will be the limit of where to go when renting a minibus; as mentioned, a family holiday, a trip to a football game, a trip with your employees or an event of some kind. The possibilities are limitless and it isn't the way of transport limiting yourchoices. The planning of the transport is important. Most importantly, you as a driver will have to respect the driving/resting regulations. It is important that you as a driver know you skills and limits, so you won't cause unecessary danger for your passengers. All of you have to return safely. 



A minibus obviously makes it possible that more people can go together. Driving together create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in the group. If you, as a group, order a minibus including driver no one has to drive, make sure you get to the correct detination on time etc. etc. So everybody arrive well-rested. 



The size of your group define what category of bus you should choose. In case you are 9 people in your group there is no advantage in hiring a bigger bus. In this case, a minibus is ideal. So, a minibus is the better choice for smaller groups. 
The terrain/ demography is as well important considering the type of bus. In case you will drive on gravel roads, in places with narrow roads it may be a good idea to select a minibus as it is much more manouverable than a regular coach.  


With us at Østjydsk Turistbusser you are guaranteed a good service. The employees of Østjydsk Turistbusser are dedicated to give you a good experience, by taking you and your family, friends or colleagues safely from one place to antoher. We also assist you with guidance and advice if needed. The employees with Østjydsk Turistbusser are used to plan trips, excursions, events etc. for all kinds of customers and has a longterm experience and knowledge in this segment.  
When renting a bus or coach with us you will be sure to arrive safely to your destination. All our buses and coaches are regularly checked in our workshop, securing you as a customer that it will take you safely to the destination and back. You don't have to worry about driving a minibus from Østjydsk Turistbusser, and in case of a technical error during the trip we will of course also assist on getting the situation solved as easy and quickly as possible. Østjydsk Turistbusser wants to give you and the group the best possible experience.  


What is a 9-passenger minibus really?

A 9-seater minibus is a spacious vehicle made for transporting bigger families or groups of people with a need for substantial luggage space.

A 9-seater minibus is normally equipped with a sliding door and luggage space in the rear, whcihc can be increased by rearranging the seats in the passenger area, though it may have an impact on the passenger volume. The main objective with  9-seater minibuses is the combination of passenger capacity, luggage space, safety level, comfort level, mobility and financial rentability all-in-one.

The handling of a 9-seater minibus is very similar to a normal passenger car. The majority of ​​9-seater minibuses is based on middle class passenger cars, like for instance the Mercedes Benz E Class. 


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